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  • Granular Synthesis Sound Toy

  • Granular Synthesis Sound Toy

  • Granular Synthesis Sound Toy


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What is it?

Microcosm is a sonic cloud, made of thousands of grains of sound. It works like a snow globe. Move the device in any direction and gravity pulls the particles towards earth, causing the sound to evolve. Shake Microcosm and the sound shatters into pieces. Choose from several included soundscapes.


What is Granular Synthesis?

Essentially, Granular Synthesis works by cutting up an audio recording into incredibly small pieces, and then playing these 'microsound' clips in unconventional ways. The result is a soundscape, or cloud.

For more details, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granular_synthesis

Who made this?

Microcosm was developed at Apposite Labs, a California based technology company which specializes in experimental user-interface design.

Audio Licensing Information

Microcosm includes audio samples from Freesound.org. We would like to thank the original creators and credit their work