Beautiful timelines, made simple.

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If you're studying history*, or planning for the future, context can lead to greater understanding. Lineal visualizes time-series data in a whole new way, with an interface that lets you grasp the scale of time and see events in context.

* Please note: Lineal does not come bundled with events at this time. Images shown are meant to illustrate what can be made with the app.

Time is Fluid.

Scroll through millenia, zoom into minutes. All of time is presented along one dynamic line.

Made for iOS 7

Lineal was designed for clarity and simplicity so that your content is everything.

Smart Stacks

Events form scrollable stacks, so you can see all the events on a date. This way you can zoom out for context and still have access to all of your data.

Events in Context

Lineal is about exploring the connections between events. Color tag filters let you bring certain threads in and out of view. They are a way to categorize your data into essentially separate timelines.

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Does Lineal come bundled with historical events?

Lineal does not currently come bundled with events. This is an active area of interest for us though, so stay tuned.

Can I make separate timelines (i.e., files)

Right now, tagging and filtering is the way to separate events into different threads. We are working on an update that will make it easier to separate events into their own timelines.

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Colleen Clery